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I'm a woman of around age 30. I live and work in Tokyo.
I was born and raised in a country town of Shiga which has a largest Lake in Japan. When I was a University student, I stayed in Mumbai of India for 6 month. The purposes were improving my English skill and having a experience working abroad. I worked there as a trainee. That was so exciting and changed my mind. I thought that IT could change the world for the better because we can connect all over the world through the internet. Then I decided to work in the IT industry. I work as a system engineer of web development.

I was assigned Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV).I will go to Rwanda as a staff of IT for 2 years.To become JOCV is one of my dream. I believe this experience could also change my mind.

My hobbies are the following: climbing mountain, watching movies,taking picture, reading books, diving. I loooooove Nature.

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